Manufacturers may benefit from Alyoop Inc by targeting market offerings specific to a zip code, react to the marketplace, and control offered savings in real-time... which means potentially greater redemption.

Save time searching through websites or sifting through newspapers and hundreds of coupons you don't want.  Alyoop Inc saves time by matching items on your shopping list and relevant coupons with a click.

Great for customer loyalty programs, Alyoop Inc provides a web-based service which is customizable to any type of retail application and fits behind your retail brand.  Designed for website or mobile applications.




  • create a shopping list
  • enter a zip code
  • match coupons
  • save in real time

welcome to Alyoop


Many of us just don't have time to visit multiple sites to search for offers or pour over newspaper coupon pages full of products we may never buy.   Alyoop provides a convenient way for the consumer to save time and money.


For the first time shoppers can match coupons with items on their actual shopping lists in real-time, within a specific zip code using a computer or smart phone app.  


For Manufacturers and Retailers, Alyoop is a patent-pending web-based service platform which fits very nicely with customer loyalty programs and specialty retail-stores.  Offers can adjusted in real-time in the targeted retail marketplace.

match and save with alyoop